Direct Deposit

For your convenience we offer your weekly paycheck to be deposited directly into your checking or savings account. No more waiting for payment to come in the mail or commuting to the office. Our direct deposit comes in to your bank every Wednesday morning rain or shine.

Paid Time Off

Everyone needs a little break now and then. With our industry leading benefits program, you accrue paid time off every hour you work. For your convenience, paid time off can be taken as an actual day off or be taken as a cash equivalent. It’s just that easy. Talk to one of our HR reps for more information.

Health Insurance

You can’t choose when you become sick but you can choose the best care primary doctors and specialists with the top of the line health insurance plans that we offer. Choose from the doctors you know and trust to help you feel good as new and get back to doing what you love quickly.

Holiday Pay

We feel our devoted caregivers deserve a little something extra for going above and beyond the call. So when an aide takes time away from their family on a holiday to help their patient, we feel that deserves recognition. That’s why we pay our aides time and a half for working on a holiday.

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Rockaway Home Care is a division of Foundation For the Elderly that offers home health services to those in need in the New York City metropolitan area. The agency has grown to become a trusted name in home care and CDPAP alike serving many clients in both NYC and adjacent counties.

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