Frequently asked questions

Who pays for home care ?

Home care can be covered from a number of different ways including: Medicaid, Medicare, Long-term care insurance, and credit card.

Can I really get paid to take care of someone that I know?

Yes you can! Click “here” for more information.

Do you accept medicaid ?

Yes we do! We proudly work with the leading managed Medicaid plans in the state.

Do you assist with medicaid planning?

Absolutely! And the best part is, it comes at no cost to you as long as you want and enroll in a managed Medicaid plan that caters to individuals in need of home care/CDPAP. Click *here* to have someone reach out to you with more information.

How long does this whole process take?

The quickest it can take is just a few short weeks.

How many hours will I get of service ?

We do not determine the hours, the managed Medicaid plan does. But we will help you every step of the way to maximize on the services that you need and are entitled to.

My family member is at another agency now and we are unhappy, can we switch them over to you?

Just call us at 516-239-8693 and ask for intake and we will assist you in a quick and seamless transition.

Do you work with languages besides English?

We are happy to fully accommodate most major languages spoken.

I want to speak to someone about how much we love our home health aide, who can I talk to?

Please call your care coordinator and tell them! Your call means the world to us and we love hearing how happy you are.