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Sometimes life can’t wait
for your next paycheck.

You can access your pay when you need it with
100% access to your earned pay on any device, at any time.

Same Day Pay

How does dailypay work?

Transfer your balance instantly at any time. Your available balance will be refreshed each evening based on the hours worked. Only the days that you clock both in and out will be available to be pre-paid

* Please note, all available amounts are an estimation.

*Clocking in and out must be done using either the patient phone, FOB device in the home, or the HHAeXchange app. 


How much does it cost?

Signing up for Dailypay is free!

Similar to an ATM, you only pay a fee when you make a transfer.

Instant transfers: $2.99 per transaction
Next day transfers: $1.99 per transaction


What happens on payday?

You receive your full paycheck and any transfers are then deducted automatically. There's nothing to pay back, nothing to do differently.

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