Caring For Those Who Have Cared For You

It sounds almost too good to be true; almost. With CDPAP someone that you know can take care of you and get paid by us to do it. We will even take care of getting your friend, loved one, neighbor, whoever, their Medicaid for free.


This program is ideal for patients who don’t live so close to public transportation, speak a language that a home health aide might not know, have a special religious diet that is complicated to explain, wants to split the authorized service hours up across a few time periods of the day,  or really for anyone that feels most comfortable with someone they know assisting them.

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Rockaway Home Care is a division of Foundation For the Elderly that offers home health services to those in need in the New York City metropolitan area. The agency has grown to become a trusted name in home care and CDPAP alike serving many clients in both NYC and adjacent counties.

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