For all HHAs, PCAs, & PAs

Free Phone


Unlimited Talk/Text/Data

Employee benefits now offering free phone for full time employees and discounted phones for part time employees!*

Full Time Employees


Free phone plan

Part Time Employees


Discount based on how

many hours worked**

**plan is $40 a month and you pay the difference



Phone plan includes the following

Unlimited plan

Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data

Transfer phone plans

You can easily port your phone and number

Family Plan

Plan for the whole family now available


Caring Wireless uses the AT&T network

Keep plan

Even if you leave Rockaway Home Care, you can still keep your phone plan

Lifeline credit available

If you qualify for the Obamacare phone you can get a credit (up to $7)

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*Restrictions apply

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Rockaway Home Care is a division of Foundation For the Elderly that offers home health services to those in need in the New York City metropolitan area. The agency has grown to become a trusted name in home care and CDPAP alike serving many clients in both NYC and adjacent counties.

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